The Resort at Deer Creek

Your special family member’s premier vacation destination!

The Resort at Deer Creek features a full acre grass backyard for romping and playing. Guests are pampered like you would at home! Large dogs are welcome as we have plenty of room for them to run! All guests have individual or group play time at no additional cost. Guests can spend their day outdoors running with their friends or inside lounging with a staff member which ever they prefer. We tailor our guest’s stay based on their preferences and needs.

Dogs may participate in group activities and receive one-on-one interaction with staff members. In the evening they retire to a spacious, climate-controlled runs with complimentary bedding. We provide Purina Pro Plan GI diet or will feed your specific diet. Special instructions and medications are never a problem. Departure day grooming in available to keep guests looking their best!

We offer Holiday dinners on Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
Hospital boarding is available for guests with special needs. They lounge in our hospital area under close supervision of our technicians and doctors. We can accommodate medications, special treatments or medical care.

Exotic Boarding

Exotic guests are welcome! Please bring their own enclosure. Special care instructions are never a problem.

Deluxe Dog Boarding

  • Guests stay in extra-large, glass enclosed, Deluxe Suites. Suites are available overlooking the grass
  • Deluxe guests include extended yard play time and extended social time with staff members.
  • Deluxe guests received complimentary bedding.
  • Deluxe guests receive a complimentary bath after 7 days of boarding

Premium Dog Boarding

  • Premium guests enjoy extra outings in the grass yard and extra social time with staff members.
  • Premium guests received complimentary bedding.
  • Premium guests receive a complimentary bath after 7 days of boarding

Standard Dog Boarding

  • Great for guests needing more rest or those that don’t play well with others.
  • Standard guests spend at least 30 minutes four times per day in individual cabana areas or grass yard and receive daily social time with staff members.
  • Standard guests received complimentary bedding.
  • Standard guests receive a complimentary bath after 7 days of boarding